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Men, Unite!
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in Masculinists, OMG!!!11's LiveJournal:

Thursday, July 28th, 2005
12:01 am
Someone (probably a FEMALE) said this in reference to a story where a teenage boy claimed an older woman took advantage of him sexually while he was drunk:

i dont know but part of me was like "riiiiiight, just after he bragged to his friends that he did an older woman"

You know, if this story were reversed, and it was about an older MAN taking advantage of a young girl, I hardly doubt anyone would replly "I don't know but a part of me was like 'riiigh, just after she bragged to her friends that she did an older man". Most people would readily accuse the male of being a bastard and of being guilty. But when a woman does the same thing, everyone thinks, oh, but MALES are the horny sex-freaks, so he couldn't have been sexually assaulted!

I mean, one time this hot older woman tried to have sex with me, and I kept saying no, but she just wouldn't accept that. So after we had sex five times I was like so ashamed to tell anyone. To this day I have never told anyone about my hot sex with that hot milf. It....it is too horrible for me to remember.
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
12:18 pm
So I was talking to Jes earlier. She actually owns me. She won me in a game of pong against my previous master, but we'll not go into that extensively.

Anyway, I raised this community with her - our source of freedom from a female dominated world, as noted in "behind every powerful man, is a powerful woman with a shotgun" - anonymous.

She alleges that "men have dominated long enough sweet heart" (note: she called me sweetheart - HOW rude), and continued "but i love you anyways". Is this her way of tricking me into not noticing the obvious evidential power struggle going on in modern society?

Isn't it preposterous! What should I do?
12:24 am
'Masculinist' is not another word for 'gay'. Damn Feminazis.
Apparently, the male naked body is a thing to be ashamed of. Whereas these Feminazist figots can waltz around in the bare, it has been deemed ‘inappropriate’ and ‘offensive’ for not only me, but any man to do the same!

Well I say no - a line must be drawn, this far and no further. I’ve had enough of being forced to strip in the ‘male’ changing room. As a man I should be able to get to the swimming pool from whichever doorway I wish to emerge from. The ‘male’ changing room is noticeably dirtier than the female and smells funny too. The ‘female’ room is spotless and smells faintly of Summer fruits! Damn Feminazis! Now their twisted tendrils of oppression have reached even the South Norwood Swimming Baths and their cleaning crews! Lifetime ban, indeed.

Me? A ‘sex’ offender? So now it’s an offence to be of the wrong sex? Is there not one iota of compassion in these cold-hearted women? I say there isn’t. I say behind me, brothers - I’m holding a masculinity rally outside the swimming pool next Wednesday. Pickets, chants and at twelve noon a mass boxer-shorts burning.

We'll show them!
Monday, July 18th, 2005
9:04 am
I saw an episode of the real life documentary featuring batchelor Charlie Sheen (Two and a half Men), where he lives with his brother and son. He said a remarkable statement - "Why would you need to be married if you have a woman to have sex with, and one to clean? Why would you need another woman?"

It was truely inspirational. The particular show I saw had him dealing with his brother's ex-wife's support group. They all oppressed him intensely for being a "bad influence", only for the REAL story to come out, that ALL women are evil. Soon the women were happy to come to Charlie's house and drink his wine and be looked after.

I'm not hating on them, but isn't it so true that the bitches who aren't getting any seem to be the main ones to complain about men?
7:55 am
I was just inspired by a comment regarding toiletries.

Why doesn't advertisement encompass more than just SHAVING? I've only seen adverts for condoms and shaving tools as of late. Do they not know that we like to shower. We like to be clean. MAYBE we do not want a distinguishing feature such as a beard, or moustache to be shaved. WHY force us into it with such propaganda as "this will make your woman happy"?

Its disgraceful.
12:34 am
I was in K-Mart today and noticed that the back-to-school section had an area specifically reserved for "Girl Notebooks".

I looked and I looked, but there was not a section for boy notebooks.

I think this is a clear case of sexism. The store gives girls such a wide choice of notebooks, while boys are left to select from the plain, generic notebooks in the regular section. I think K-Mart must be run by women with a sexist agenda to stop marketing for males. Also, the women's clothing section is much larger. I think this is obviously a sign that males are oppressed by this woman-controlled capitalism. They do all the work, make all the money, and yet have nothing to spend it on. Apparently they are supposed to buy WOMEN things with their hard-earned money!

Another thing: The girl notebooks were mostly bright colors like pink or orange or neon green, and had pretty designs and swirls all over them. As a man who likes bright colors and swirls, I am appalled. Now if I am to buy one of these notebooks, everyone will think I'm a girl, and they will make fun of me for not being manly. Such oppression we males have to deal with everyday!
Saturday, July 16th, 2005
3:05 pm
Hey sexy?
The other day I was walking down the street, when some fat girl whistled at me and yelled out "Hey, sexy".

I ignored her and kept walking. Frankly, I couldn't believe that she would sexually harrass me in such a way! How could she do this to me, and even in broad daylight? It's as if she didn't care that she may have offended me! In fact, she expected me to be flattered probably, but it's not very flattering having to walk back to your car, looking over your shoulder, fearful that this girl may come up to me and grab my ass. And the way she eyed me with those fat, blank eyes...like a pig watching his dinner. Ugg. So disgusting.

And the worst part is knowing that there's nothing I can do about it. If I tried to explain how offended I was, she would laugh at me. If I told someone else about it, they would laugh at me. No one takes men seriously when they get offended. We are expected to be "brave little boys" who must not let things get to them. Well fuck that. I'm a whiny bitch in reality, and my gender expectations shouldn't repress my whininess, damn it!
Friday, July 15th, 2005
8:24 am
I've been a victim far too long. Can I thank masculinist_lol for making a place I feel comfortable and safe posting about the torturous memories from my past experiences.

I currently work in an office surrounded by female supremecists. I'm referred to as "darling", "sweety" and other such patronising phrases, rarely my full name "Jonathan" or "Mr Barker", though I have to refer to every individual female by their first name. These constant put downs and regular referencing to "do you have a girlfriend?" make me feel less and less comfortable working there. I find the women looking at me hungrily and it makes me nervous.

To top it off, sometimes I have to answer phones, and when I DO answer, the women informally abuse me with abbreviations such as 'thanks', 'fine', 'great' and 'you sound cute'.

HOW much more can I be put down? I wish women could just see me for who I am. A mind, an entity, not just a physically attractive but an intellectually significant being. Thanks again masc_lol
12:02 am
boobs and nipples
you think women have the issues of modern-day society constantly hounding them about their bodies?! You think they have self-esteem issues to deal with? its us men who have to fend for ourselves with our obscure bodies!

Screw the women for nay-saying about complaints of their weight, butt, or breast size... At least they have breasts!

Any man can see that its very difficult for us growing up and dealing with our self securities and esteem. Everytime we look in the mirrors, we see two develished dishes staring back at us, waiting to give nourishment to some starving infant. but alas, we have no plump milk dispenser to give to these innocent children. We have 2 nipples for what?!

Its but an everyday reminder of how we're in a sexest slave-dom in which women control our lives!

Current Mood: crushed
1:13 am
Porn as oppression of men
Women often complain about porn, but they simply have NOTHING to complain about! It is obvious to any intelligent individual, who isn't blinded by vagina logic, that porn is much more degrading towards MEN than to women!

Just watch a porn! The camera focuses instantly on the woman, on her beautiful sex spots, whilst basically ignoring the male, relegating him to a position just off camera. The male is essentially nothing more than a disembodied cock in porn videos. The woman is granted her full status as a person, shown to be a living, breathing human being in the context of the frame, but the man is just a penis and, at most, a belly and upper thighs. Not only that, but I once saw a porn with a girl SHITTING on another man! This is the perfect symbol for what feminists have been doing to men for centuries...shitting on them with their shitty, shitty asses.

Then, after you've noted that the male in porn is given very little camera-time, compare the PAY of the male stars to their female counterparts. The females make WAY more money, and the disproportional pay is a result of the sheer force of the matriarchy, which wants us to BELIEVE that women are oppressed by porn...but the real truth is that it is making a mockery of MEN, forcing them to worship at the altar of WOMEN, giving them all the perks, all the money, and all the benefits.

Still not convinced? Look at gay, all male porn. It doesn't sell nearly as well as lesbian porn. No one likes male porn as much as female porn. It is often remarked that the female body is "more beautiful" than the male body! This is just astounding! Everyone knows that the male body is just as exquisite and deserves just as much praise as a female's. Besides, at least our genitals don't look like a friggin' open wound!

Feminists seem to see the situation from the other way around...as one in which women are slaves to men's desires, and must perform these functions in porn to please them. But it's not so! The women choose these jobs because it gives them power over men, it allows them to "get them by the balls". The consumer is the slave to the producer as much as the producer is a slave to the consumer. In fact, in a monopoly, the producer enslaves the consumers. And if the producers (or stars of porn, that being women) are female, then they have essentially enslaved the males with their "demand" to them! STOP LETTING THESE WOMEN OPPRESS YOU! My penis feels oppressed today!
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
5:31 pm

OK, I'm not a guy. But like, I have a total guy brain. I don't identify with women most of the time. No, I'm not getting a sex change or anything, I like -some- girly things. I love going shopping and my clothes are pretty girly. But when I'm around women and see how they think it's like I'm watching aliens. Anyone who says men and women are the same are full of shit. Their brains are complete polar opposites.

Anyway, I fucking hate feminists. I read journals of cunts like ginmar and yearn for the day when they invent a way to punch a person in the face over the internet (although "cunt" may be a compliment to her, who can keep up with feminysts and their redefinitions these days). Whenever I say stuff like that, I always get attacked with "You hate feminists? Then you hate all the women who fought for your right to vote/reproductive rights/etc!" As if that is even remotely related to today's feminism. Today's feminism is about purposely looking for things that might be sexist if you squint real hard, tilt your head to the right and use Feminist Logic™. There's some things on which I agree with them, like guys being considered cool when they sleep with lots of people and girls being considered sluts when they do the same (the girl is still a slut regardless, but we should be calling the guy a slut too and not praising him), but otherwise I just see them as overemotional bitches who need to get a life and stop swatting at imaginary flies.

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
2:24 am
The word dick and sexual harassment
The other day, my manager came up to me, put her arm on my shoulder, and called me a dick!

I am shocked and astounded at her audacity! The nerve of this female in a priveleged position (she's my superior) to TOUCH me with her dirty female hands, no doubt trying to cop a feel, whilst calling me a dick! Doesn't she know how offensive that word is, and how it implies that people who have penises should be viewed negatively? Nevermind that my name is Richard and this is a common nickname my guy friends call me. My GUY friends can call me "Dick" all they want. But this WOMAN, touching me and oppressing me from her priveleged position, has NO right to call me by my nickname. It is INSULTING and OFFENSIVE when she does it, but when other males do it it's just an act of reclamation, where we are taking the word back for ourselves, giving it back its positive shine.

Man, this really boils my brain! How can people be so insensitive! She harrasses me by groping me all over, and has the nerve to call me Dick! Not only that, but after I reported her to the union official, he LAUGHED at me. Apparently males can't be sexually harrassed, because women are NEVER sexually aggressive and only males commit such sex crimes. The nerve! The union official (a woman, how surprising) also said my offense at my boss calling me Dick was unwarranted. Oh, right, like she wouldn't be offended if I walked up to her and called her Vagina-nessa as a nickname for Vanessa! How blind and sexist these people are! My penis feels oppressed today!
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